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Zen, Hello Kitty, and the art of Pickguard Design


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These two excellent ideas got me to thinking...


Does anyone here have insight into how a pickguard like this is made? I know that one can buy pickguard material, but what about the printing?

"For instance" is not proof.


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As the question in hand hits quite close to what I do for a living, I'll give a few options:


You can get the custom shape 'guard from someone with a CNC cutter.


As for the image:


First, you can get the image printed on a vinyl w/ adhesive. Apply it to the 'guard and finish it with a sharp blade and voila (or have a pro do it, shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Probably just an arm). You can get a clear laminate on top of the decal to protect it from wear.


The other option is to print the image directly to the pickguard with an UV-printer. The result isn't as smooth as you'd get with a printed decal, but you could apply a clear coat on top of it I guess.



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They are really inexpensive...the neck dive, though!


I think I'm going to get the black strat and put it away for my daughter.


Who am I kidding...I'm getting it for myself.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Like it matters if the neck dives....

It's got Badtz-Maru on it!


OK, now I am looking for suggestions for a replacement single-coil p-up to stick in there...


I'm thinking a bad-ass bridge and a graphite nut, too...


Yes, I know... the upgrades are more expensive than the bass itself.


But... It's got Badtz-Maru on it!



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