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Is there a policy on buying/selling on this forum?


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Sweets pretty much hit the nail on the head.



The forum reminds me of a bunch of people sitting around in a living room talking. Close your eyes and imagine you're about 2 hours into a low-key social event where everyone is sober and talking about bass related topics. Count to 10 and open you eyes to read the rest of this gibberish.












OK - now wasn't that aweful?


Back to my point.


Some of the sale posts are like a door-to-door salesperson or telemarketing (or worse, a debt collection call); they upset the overall feel of the party. If someone unknown bursts into the room and says, "Hey - look at this awesome bass, it's yours for only $500." then they will be stared at in disbelief. If we were really in a room, someone would pull them aside and say, "Dude, just keep it cool and join in. If you have some items for sale be subtle about it and word will get out. People will get to know and trust you and you just might sell the gear among the community. If you need to close the deal that bad, you should advertise where people shop... this isn't a trade fair or SaladMaster party."


On the other hand, food delivery people are always welcome. Just be sure to bring enough for everyone!

- Matt W.
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Thanks fellas!

I tried to install a signature earlier today, and it didn't come through. Are these reviewed during the week for approval?

Guess I can just add it by hand now. Although I don't quite know how to add (is it called a URL?) like Matt W just did for the ad. I didn't grow up in the electronic age and being an old dog it's harder to learn new tricks.



The Son is the One.


For Sale:

BA II Bridge (5 hole)

Fits Fender 4 string

See my profile for email.

Visit my band's new web site.









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The signature is added in the "my profile" area.


To get the URL in a regular post you go to the "Full Reply Form" and use the URL button. Click the button, then paste the URL and hit Enter, type the text you want people to see and hit Enter again. You can post images (if they're hosted on the web), make bold, italic and do some other nifty stuff from there, too. There's also a link to "What is UBB code?" if you want to learn more. ;)


BTW - you can go to the Full Reply Form even after you have typed your life story into the short form, you don't lose anything. :freak::freak::freak:

- Matt W.
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