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Great bass players with tabbed music?


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Hey all,


Can anyone name a few great bass players (preferably funk, jazz, blues) that have lots of tabs online for their songs?


I've gone through Marcus Miller and Jaco's stuff... I'm hoping some of you know a few key players that I can look up tabs for and study.



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If you haven't figured out from the clues yet, I wouldn't mention "tab" very often on these forums.

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My brother has only 1 leg. I've never tried to walk using his prothesis.


I have a friend with congenital crossed eyes. He wears a special appliance to get normal vision. I've never borrowed it to try and see better.


I know a guy with on leg shorter than another. He has a special shoe to compensate. I don't borrow that either.


Tab is a crutch. You are smarter than that.


And the thing is, when you put in the work to suss out those bass lines, your musicianship explodes. That never hurts.


Good luck, and good learning.

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I have used tab a little to get things started. You guys bash it alot but for a real beginner it helps alot if you use it in moderation.


It has developed my ear training drastically. At first I used it to learn some songs but now I don't really need it as much since now I can figure many songs out. With it you can go exactly to the notes (if the tab is correct) and when you hear another song it makes figuring out by ear much easier.


Once you have a few years of playing under your belt and play in a band it is easy to shrug off tab as crap, and suggest ear only, but for someone with 6 months or less it is a good jumpstart.


I started using Absolute fretboard, bass tab and ear as well as guitar tab/music to find the chords and work foreward. Now I can figure out a song by ear and write it out in standard notation. Without the tab it would have taken much longer. You just have to know when to say no more.


Just don't get addicted to tabs.


It is sort of like switching from diapers to big boy underpants. You can't just mess the carpet during the first 6 months.

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Dude, take it from someone who started out using tabs himself (namely me)... Get away from them !


I still use tabs occasionally, because when someone will tab out a song by bands like, say, Dream Theater, (s)he usually does know a thing or two.


But there is SO much more pleasure in working out a song by ear. Granted, I have been working all weekend on one particular song and I haven't got past 00:25 but I refuse to skip those three notes I can't hear. Bad habits are acquired easily.


So don't do tab, dude :cool: I can't read music, but ear training is my main concern right now. So I focus on that.

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awesome guys :thu:


I was intending to get tabs, as EddiePlaysBass suggested, to learn a few songs and analyze them.


But it looks like this, along with meeting a crazy bass player last week, has inspired me to start learning sheet music and doing ear training.


Currently I'm HORRIBLE at ear training. I would probably tell you that the open E and E on the 7th fret, 3rd string are two different notes.


I've hit a huge bump in my learning curve and realize that I really need the theory and note expertise to make myself into a bass player.


It's time to crack open Hal Leonard's "Play Bass Today! Level 1" and start learning those notes on the G string in standard notation :-P



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Good move! You'll never regret it.


I started out using tab, too. I'd had some experience in my youth reading music, & when I got serious about reading with my bass playing, everything changed.


You're doing the right thing!

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