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Good instructional video for novice (yes I hit 'search')


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16 year-old cousin picked up a bass for Christmas last year. I offered him lessons but between sports and girls, he never seems to have time.


He knows how to wear a strap and hit strings.... and that's about it.


Kid isn't trying to be a virtuoso, has no formal music training. He is interested, however, in getting together with his buds and playing for fun.


I'd like to get him a video so that he can work around the basics instead of letting some 'drop tune it to D and play the root' metalhead ruins him for life.


I saw (using the SEARCH button -- yes I hit it) that Ed Friedland's video keeps coming up when the subject is mentioned. Is it a good one for a complete novice that just wants to learn enough to play for fun (and not to be the second coming of Jaco like many of us AWDOGS dreamed about when we first started)?


Any other recommendations would be apreciated. Thanks.




Also, my 9-year old girl is getting her first bass this Christmas. Other than one-on-one lessons with Daddy, any other recommendations to help out a young'un?

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