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Musicplayer Live in NYC comments


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I searched this forum for any comments on Music Player Live this past weekend, but didn't find any. Here is my take on it.


Of course I enjoyed Bassplayer Live last year much more, because of the obvious, bass stuff! This year's event was OK. It gave me an opportunity to check out some guitar gear, some interesting recording stuff and to see Les Paul up close.


I attended on Saturday. I missed Geral Veasely's session, but I really enjoyed Doug Wimbish's solo performance and impressed with the way he can, not only play the instrument, but commandeer a multitude of effects without a glitch. Nice job.


The Q&A session with Doug, Dave Ellefson and Bill Leigh was great and informative. My 10 year old son even got a chance to ask Doug a question, making a lasting impression on a young budding bass player.


We went over to see Pat Methany, one of my favs, and was dissapointed because the little stage he was on did not have ample access to it and it was hard to see and hear him. A large group of fans had gathered, but it was hard for most to get anything out of it. Besides that, there were some inconsiderate non-fans (neanderthals?) that were pluggin away with their mixing software demos, mucking everything up even more. Even when they were asked to quiet down, they continued to churn away. Disappointing to say the least.


Next, I was happy to pick up some free strings at the Dean Markley booth, the fellow there being very friendly and attentive just as he was last year. The D'addario booth did not give out strings, which was dissapointing since they did last year. Some booths were helpful like Line 6, Peavey, Trace Elliot, Motorola, Jellifish, and DR Strings, while other booths could not give a rat's ass about you, like Ibanez & Ampeg. These companies really need to use better sales people at these conferences. A bad attitude or apathy leaves a lasting impression.


The Trace Elliot guy I spoke to was the engineer that redesigned the new amps and he was very helpful. I have a Trace preamp and these new units are that and much more...very exciting.


Some improvements could have been made to the Les Paul/School of Rock workshop, which was mobbed and closed out to many, including myself, and also the Les Paul keynote session. I enjoyed seeing Les Paul, a living legend, discuss his invention of the electric guitar and discovery of multi-track recording. A real genius. I was literally 3 feet away from the man as he told his story. The only issue was that the Balcony Room was a crappy room to have his session in. No seats, uncomfortable, and just a bad layout. Maybe some of these comments can fuel improvements for next year.

"And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking" Roger Waters
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Ooops. Thanks Nicklab. The search engine leaves something to be desired, since I did a few searches and nothing came up. I thought that it was hard to believe that no one had already posted.
"And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking" Roger Waters
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