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PJR's Fearsome4-5's


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Yo....been a while since I posted.....been crazy with the move and band regrouping....things are starting to settle down a bit with both.


Thought I'd share what's new in PJR's neverending world of Bassdom.




I've been playing primarily the 5's these days...so all the 4's are tucked away into storage for a bit.


...the GrapeRay is at the rehearsal studio....so it's not pictured.



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Pete - nice - I'm a bit surprised to see the Smith. I absolutely love the neck feel, but was never quite enamoured of the sound. A bit to "honky jazz" for me. I can't picture it doing the job in a band like 5CentMary.


Tell us also about the band moves - still with the D brothers?


Didn't you have a Lakland 5? Traded it out for the Sad?


I'd like to try the Lawrence. I found out that the Groove Shop in Brooklyn is carrying them. And here's the BAD news - they are equiping a truck, and will bring it all to YOUR HOUSE. Very dangerous.




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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The Smith is one of my current Favs!! ( right now ) It's a very comfy bass , and well....it sounds just like me. :)


The Diltz Bros are defunct.....shame...lots of inherited talent there....oh well.


My band.....completely re-furbished. All new members ( 'cept Lin :) ) Geared more towards the party / corporate circuit....doin very well.

Check out the website for all the changes....


Most of the basses you knew I had...I've turned over..... :) which reminds me I have to update the website someday to reflect that.





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