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Finally have recorded music! (pictures too)


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Jeez has it been a long time since I've been here! Awful lot of changes....


Anyway's here's a bass update for ya'll. Last time I was here I had a Mexican Precision and Jazz Bass. So how about what I have now... Picture time!



1975 Fender Jazz Reissue


This one was made in Japan. Sold my old Mexican Jazz for $300 and bought this one for $550 including shipping. Through my Carvin amp, it is right on with John Entwistle's tone in My Generation. I've been playing this one alot lately.




Fender Precision Bass


Ah, my first bass. Got this for Christmas in 2000 when I was in 7th grade. The sound is incredible, so I've been recording with this one. After playing the Jazz and EB-3, the neck feels real awkward.



Orville EB-3


Got this sometime earlier this year. Pretty much my live axe, to go with my brother's '61 SG. It's an Orville, which is basically Japanese Gibson. It has flatwounds, which really doesn't let the E string sustain long. Way better than what Gibson is pumping out now, though. Got it off eBay from Japan for $450 including shipping.


So that's all I have. I don't need any more, really.


Also, I have an okay (sound wise) recording of my band at our last gig. Video is kinda small, but oh well.




My brother is singing that...Stage was sort of cramped so we sorta stay in the same place...


That's it for me!



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Yes, they are a heck of a lot of fun to play.


Those are are probably the only basses I'll own for a very long time, save for a Rogue Beatle Bass. I can't justify shelling out the big bucks for something like a Warwick that sounds the same to my ears.

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The basses look very nice, but as an EB3 owner, I'm misty-eyed about the Orville (although I keep wanting to hear you play that James Brown song "Popcorn" - why is that?).


I'm downloading the movie now.




Acoustic Color


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That Clash cover was great, but I gotta have more cowbell. :D

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