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MusicMan Ernie Ball strings are close to frets


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Hey all sup?


I have a music man Ernie Ball but since like 2 weeks, my strings came really close to the frets so when i play, the sound is " Metalic, cheap, fret-hit" and i dont have a nice clear sound anymore.


There is a little circle with 3 holes at the bottom of neck. I dont know what to do. I tried to screw the bridge to higher the strings but it does nothing... can someone tell me what to do? thank you



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That site has a whole section that discusses adjusting the truss rod. Did you read it or just glance at it before you rudely accused me of not answering your question?


Your Ernie Ball has a spokewheel adjuster which makes adjusting the truss rod really simple:




Scroll down and you'll find answers on how to adjust the truss rod. You can use any tool that will fit into the spokewheel holes to adjust it. I usually use a small allen wrench.

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Level-headed responses are for level-headed questions. I gave him a site that tells him everything about how to do a setup and he tells me I didn't answer his question and starts yelling.


How would you respond?

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How do you all feel about the truss rod wheel? I love them, and wish most instruments had them. But I fear that alot of inexperienced players find out only that turning them lowers your action, and then start the "crankfest" because if one quarter turn is good, then 3 or 4 full turns must be just awesome. Yikes.


Be carefull with that wheel, Eugene. Just a little at a time. Most of the E.B. that I get that need to be adjusted in either direction just need a touch. Definitely look at and learn from any site that you can and take it SLOW! It's not super scary rocket science, but its not "willy nilly, turn it until it feels right time", either. There are certain steps that need to be taken.


We should start a setup thread and make it sticky. I'd give it a go if you all feel like its a good idea.

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