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Ever break things with gear?


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My 2x10 Cabinet broke a window!! not by playing it though.. haha.


I think someone posted something not too long ago about stupid stuff done with gear or playing or whatever but heres my most recent dumb mistake..


I broke the windshield on my BMW M3 last night with my 2x10 cabinet. The car is really too small for my gear but wife needed the SUV. So I carefully put the cabinet in the front seat even though I had to slightly twist it to fit. Had a fine ride to my bands practice space, then when I took it out I neglected to twist it right and the corner hit the glass leaving a severe spiderweb crack. :mad:

Oh well, the good news is that I just found out my insurance co. covers windshield damage w/o a deductable.


Have any of you broke stuff transporting gear?

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The hood of my car has numerous scratches from putting equipment on top. Ditto to the inner upholstery and plastic parts. I'm not one of those who is alert at 3am when loading equipment into a car.
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Originally posted by 8PerSecond:

...BMW M3...


My....dream.....car...... :evil:

Voices...in...my...head...demand it!!!!! :evil:



"Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."

Harry Dresden, Storm Front

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My Genz Benz head slid off the cabinet in the back of the van once; must have been a really tight turn. It cracked the plastic inside wall of the van. The Mrs was not too happy. Even worse when you consider it was only a 2-mile trip from the gig to home.

We/she also assume it was one of my speakers or piling too many guitars/basses in the back of the Lumina that pushed against the armrest in the back seat and cracked that off. If she'd let me take the infant's car seat out on gig nights maybe I'd have had more free space. Maybe.

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Years ago I had an AMC Gremlin.. Fold down the back seat and my old 2-15 Peavey cab would fit.. On the way home from a gig (in the middle of winter no less) I was traveling a VERY bumpy road.. and u guessed it.. the cab hit the rear deck window.. The insurance guy bought the story fortunately...lol
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I was playing at a very expensive hotel. On the load-out, I was pushing a cart with all my gear on it. I turned the corner and hit a wall, putting a hole in the wall. And then I kept going straight to the parking lot.




And another time at a hotel which is so exclusive that it has an unlisted phone number, as I was leaving, my hand truck hit a pvc pipe which was sticking up out of the ground. An instant geyser occurred and the water for the whole hotel had to be shut off. The hotel manager threatened to sue me until one of the other band members whose day gig was being a gardener pointed out that using pvc pipe (and having a pipe above ground) for a main water supply was a code violation.

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I knocked a hole in one of my walls with my 1x18 cab. I really need to get around to patching that someday. :o

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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I popped the panels out of the back of my car with my 20 watt Hartke practice amp.........did it going around a round about.


A $300 amp caused $800 worth of damage


But alas the amp still works


plus my two swr cabs have totally removed the lining from the inside of the rear doors trying to squeeze them in for gigs

no beer until July 1
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I've busted myself with gear!!


I did a gig, the first with a new band. I had to change from fretted to fretless and in the process I jammed the bass into my lip and split it.


I still can't decide if that, or my sax player pulling out the lead accidently and me wondering where the sound went was funnnier on that gig.


And don't get me started on my car ;);)


C_ya, Ben

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I mucked up the side of my bed by tilting an amp, and I smashed a bit of a wall by running round a corner with my bass :( the bass was suprisingly fine.


The other day I was playing and managed to hit my self in the head on the end of my headstock, I can't see how it happened now.


But hey.

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a week ago i was jumping around and i hit my bass on a wooden tv tray....turns out i had hit my G string tuner and bent it! lol, not enough to effect tuning, but its funny to look at, since u can tell. i didn't know i hit it so hard! lol


a few shows ago, our lead singer was swinging the mic around and it flew off into the crowd, hit the door in the back of the club, and fell to the ground.

...BUT DON"T WORRIE! it was an SM58! lol.


...the soundman wasn't too happy though..





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terrorizing hair with the string ends by the tuners,

of decidely drunken dames.

surely denting my lip on the big ol' Shure,

as their boyfriends play their shitfaced games.

I tell ya it's a riot when there's about to be a fi-aght,

and i wop a dude with the neck as i "accidentally" turn around (he went down).

a tuner in the eye is worth quite a bit of guy,

who wouldn't have dropped if i hadn't hammered him on the sly.

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