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Afternoon all


Without boring everyone again I have a vintage but not particularly valuable bass that I am trying to improve


Originally I thought I wouldn't replace the pickups but having looked at them this afternoon I'm thinking I might as well, its already had a different pickup on it previously anyways so I'm thinking its ok to do so


Now I would like to ask the advice of you guys if poss!


Firstly, when checking prices etc online I dont know what I should be looking for! I mean, I know the pickups are humbuckers but do I need a certain type to fit?? Here is a pic of the bass -




So what should I be searching for to give me an idea of pricing and what is available? There are silver covers as you would find on a standard say Les Paul guitars


Once I know that, would anyone have any suggestions or advice as to what are I could consider? Price is an issue as I just got made redundant but I really want to make this sound great as putting what so far is turning out to be a really good band together


I play with overdrive a fair bit of the time (i've actually got quite used to the sound i get out of a guitars graphic EQ pedal for it, dirty grindy type sound!) and want a nice solid warm sound, has to be meaty as per my aggresive playing style too


Anyone able to assist?? Cheers!




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Probably look for something described as humbucker, double-coil, or even soapbar might fit in that cavity. Unless you plan on doing some major rewiring, make sure it's passive, not active. EMG actives might work, if there is enough room in the control cavity to put a 9 volt battery (probably is, if it's anything like my Epi Les Paul's cavity).

Let us know what you find and settle on.

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Click this for the Seymour Duncan Basslines website: http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/basses.shtml


The nice thing is they give dimensions of the pickups, so you can tell if they'll fit your bass without any routing. You'll probably want to look at the SRB and SMB models, not the P or J styles.

"Am I enough of a freak to be worth paying to see?"- Separated Out (Marillion)

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I still say that Will Power Neck bass pickup (model DP145) is your best choice.


Here's the DiMarzio website.

Here's the Yamaha Attitude Bass that uses the pickup.


If your strings are closer together (like a Gibson bass) go to the same DiMarzio website and look up the Model One pickup.

Here's the Epiphone EB-0 Bass that uses a similar pickup.


I'm leaving out specifics here because it's a matter of your measuring the current pickup dimensions (especially the string spacing) and figuring out which one matches it closer.

OK, I'll shut up now. :wave:

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