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Acoustic Bass


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Hello everyone, I've been around here for a bit, but this is my first time posting. I've been playing bass now for about 6 months.


From what I've seen so far, when people around here speak of "acoustic basses" they mean upright ones. I would like to know what you all think of the "other" kind of acoustic bass, the type that looks an awful lot like a big, long, acoustic guitar with four strings. Are they worth it? Has anyone used one?

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I have a cheap Johnson Acoustic (around $200). Huge body and loud for the style, but none of the ones available now will keep up with a determined guitarist on acoustic (mine will keep up with one of those travel 3/4 guitars). I record a lot with mine because you can get timbre characteristics you just can't get with your solid electric or upright. Great to play areond the house as well.

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Welcome, Silas! :wave:


I think acoustic bass guitars (a.k.a., ABGs) are pretty cool, but I've never played one. Even if they do need amplified once other instruments join the mix (as I have read often here on the LDL), they do often have a sound different than solid-body electrics or upright acoustic basses (a.k.a., URBs).


For example, listen to what Jonas Hellborg does with an ABG on his CD, The Silent Life. :thu:


I'd like to try some of the acoustic-electric basses like the Godins that Max Valentino uses or even the Carvin acoustic-electrics. BP mag also did a review recently of two ABGs, one of which was the Victor Bailey Fender ABG.






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Its good to hear that they are out there and being used to some effect. Its going to be a hard desicion when the time comes to buy some new equipment (if I've managed to pick up any jargon here, I think the term GAS applies here). Do I get an ABG, or a new amp, or upgrade pickups....or do I get overloaded and just stuff the money away in a savings account and stick with what I have. ;) Thanks for all the info here guys, I look forward to spending more time around.
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Welcome to the Lowdown.


As you have noticed, around here we call that instrument an ABG...acoustic bass guitar.


If you use the handy-dandy search button, you can find lots of mentions of them.


I own one, but rarely use it...it's not loud enough unplugged to play along with anyone and plugged in it causes all kind of feedback problems.


I have heard it and seen it used effectively.

As Willie says, Jonas Hellborg does some wonderful things with his.


Once I saw Abe Laboriel playing and he pulled one out and used it on a few songs. He sounded great (he always sounds great).

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