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Nice Bill Leigh/Victor Wooten interview

jeremy c

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My hat's off to jeremy for posting the link to this WONDERFUL INTERVIEW, to Mr. Wooten and Mr. Leigh for covering this topic so well in less than 10 minutes, and to the NPR people for taking the consideration to look at our hidden role in music!


Now I have to consider making a donation to NPR and letting them know it was this segment that loosened my purse strings.


jeremy, the last few minutes seemed to enter another segment (bass in classical music) but it was cut off before it ended. How would I find the link to that interview?


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Thanks for posting this on Friday. I didn't even know it was online yet--you heard it before I did.


I too was quite impressed with how they mixed in the music examples and demonstrated the power of the bass.


I broke my arm recently and was on quite a bit of pain killers when I taped that interview. Glad I didn't come off sounding too dopey. (What's a little mildly slurred speech among friends, anyway?)


BTW--I'll be online in the Editor's Forum later today.


All the best,



Bill Leigh, Editor in Chief


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Was really nice Bill.


In fact, I'm surprised you said you were on painkillers.


'Cause I was just going to compliment you on how lucid and intelligent you were on that show. I thought the Larry Graham comparison (a root pedal against changes, and then the funky "Thank U" line) was a brilliant example of the subtle creativity of bassists.


Good luck on that broken arm...and leave the bass spinnin' to Vic! :D:D

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


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"bassplayers are people who are really interested in seeing the whole thing come together"


Yes. Absolutely.


I love that.


I hope that everyone recognizes that song that was being played during the first ~3 minutes of that interview.

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