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looking for Peavey Fury pickguard


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I recently got ahold of an early nineties Peavey Fury bass body, for use with my Frankensteined recording bass. However, I just discovered that my P-bass pickguard won't fit.


Anyone here have a pickguard I could purchase? I've already contacted Peavey, but I think they have bigger problems after Katrina that will mean they'll be not getting to me for awhile.

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I have bought pickguards from

Chandler (the clear one on my MusicMan)


Jeannie Pickguards (the blue one that you see in my avatar...and it was custom cut).


Both places gave excellent service, had afforadable prices and can give you anything you want.


(just noticed that kenfxj's link takes you to Chandler. As long as you don't go for a custom color or material, it should be affordable.)

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