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Found this blurb under 'new gear' on home page of this site:


DVForge JamPod


You were bombarded by Apples massive iPod marketing campaign. You were convinced that the only thing that would transform your image from outdated geek to updated geek was the magical iPod. Now, if you could only jam along to your Best of Prog playlist . That vision can be realized with DVForges new JamPod ($49 list, $NA street). Simply plug the tiny JamPod into to your iPod, then plug in your bass and headphones into the JamPod, and become todays Tom Sawyer. DVForge, (615) 822-9270.




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Kinda OT but,


Starting today, the iPod MINI has been discontinued and replaced with the iPod NANO. Which is basically, the iPod SHUFFLE but it features a color screen and slightly more storage.

The even thought to put the headphone jack on the "bottom". Apple kicks assss.





"I don't play Bass..I play SONGS."
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