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Effects Noise...Problem Solved!


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I don't know how many of you use effects...but I know that my effects WERE really loud and annoying. Everything could be on bypass and there'd still be a HORRIBLE hum/buzz (my effects line is Zoom Multi to DOD Overdrive to Digitech Compression all powered by a 1SPOT multipower). So I was messing around with them the other day and unplugged my multi effects pedal power (I don't remember how I came about doing this) and so it kicked into battery power then all of a sudden...NO BUZZ! Then after doing many more "experiments" on the situation I decided I needed a separate power supply for my multi. So I got one and now in between playing I don't have to mute my signal with an a/b/y switch like I used to so I could hear.



Used to be...when I would kick on my overdrive and not play I would hear something like a fire alarm but now I just hear a tiny litte...hmmm. I also learned that it affects my compression...when I'd kick on my compression there'd be real bad feedback of somesort unless I was playing...but now there's no diffence between playing and not playing.



Anyway....I hope this helps someone cause I know the everlasting buzz SUCKS :wave:

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