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A new place to jam in Atl.


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Hey folks, I'm new to this board. And I wanted to let you guys know about a musicians jam that I host in Atlanta GA every Wednesday.

The Jam takes place at the Brandyhouse.

check out www.brandyhouse.com for directions

There is NO COVER and no drink minimum.

So here's the deal

It's kind of like an open mic except that there is a house band. What that means is, you can get up and jam with the house band using one of the amps or drums provided. You can bring your band and use the provided gear. I can put you with a group of musicians who are there to play. Or, if you want, you can play solo (acoustic or otherwise).

For Vocalists, tell the band what you want to sing and they'll back you while you sing.


What we provided is 1 Fender guitar amp, 1 Mesa guitar amp, 1 EBS bass amp, and 1 drum kit. There are also 2 DI boxes on stage for Keys or acoustic guitars.

You will need to bring, your guitar, bass, keys, or sticks. (please DO NOT bring your own amp)

We have a great stage, an incredible sound system and some of the best soundmen in Atlanta to run the PA.


Sign up starts at 9:00 p.m. and music starts at 9:30 p.m.

Everyone who signs up will get to play until the list gets too big. When this happens we'll move the start and sign up times earlier in the evening.

We've had some amazing talent come out and I'd love to see more.

See y'all there



It'll all be fine
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Last week we had a local guitar legend show up. Former AIM instructor Sid Wolfolk showed up and wowed everybody.

You bassists come on out. It's a great place to meet new musicians, find work, and jam.



It'll all be fine
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