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Anyone own a SWR WM 15? Question...

Bob Gollihur

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Just a quick question to anyone owning a Workingman's 15.


I'm sitting in on a jam over the weekend, and I know the usual bass rig will be there-- a WM15 over a WM 2x10 speaker. What I need to know is, can you unplug the WM15 head from the enclosure 15" speaker and use a different head, or is it directly wired to the internal head?


That 200w just doesn't go anywhere when you're playing outdoors, so I'm thinking of taking an Acoustic Image Focus head with me to power the two cabs-- 600 watts will be a whole lot better.

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There are 2 models of the WM15 out there. I own the older one (120/160 watts), and yes it is directly wired. For some insane reason, I THINK that the newer (160/200 watts) version might be unpluggable. Don't hold me to that though.


Now you have me curious so I might stop by Guitar Center and take a look today, so if this isn't worked out for you by the time I get back here I'll let you know.

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Bob, both of mine (older models) are direct-wired to a 4-conducter cable going into the cabinet. From there it splits to the 15" and the piezo. As long as you have an extension speaker plugged into the 1/4" jack you should be able to disconnect that wire. The "how" is another matter.


OOPS! Sorry. You want to use the WM15 speaker with a different head. That means figuring out which of the wires in the gray wire leading from the head is going to the speaker. Think you'll have to pull the speaker and the piezo to do that. Lot of work just to use a different head, isn't it? Or did I misread this again?

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