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Upright Bass...Suggestions on Good Brands


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My father is a banjo player and has taken up an interest in upright bass. He wants me to help pick one out for him. I am a guitarist and know nothing about upright basses. He wants it for bluegrass.


What brands should I look for? He's 6'4", does he need a full size bass?


He looked at a merano and the tone sounded OK to me. Is this a decent brand?

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Check Upton Bass. They're in Mystic CT but they ship everywhere and they make a great laminated bass. It's much better than Engelhart and other brands of similar price. You can also check out Arnold Schnitzler. He sells and makes basses and I think he makes the Lascala which is another great bass although I think it costs a bit more than the Upton Bass laminated bass.
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