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bal/unbal and or +4 / -10

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I have a HD system and a DA7. The DA7 doesn't have any bal. channel outputs, and I only have a few mic pre's. So I need to get from the DA7 to a 192 I/O. I can do this optically no problem, but I want to use the AD convertors of the 192 I/0. The DA7 has inserts that I can use for channel outputs (unbal) with only the trim/gain control functional. Here's the question, should I use -10 or +4 on the 192 I/O?

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Somewhere in the DA7's docs, you should be able to find a specifications page that tells you the level of the inserts. If not, go with +4 dBu, and if you can't get a healthy level you can switch over to -10 dBV. -Danny

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