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new bass player--i need advice


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hey everyone. im a new bass player, or at least i think i am, and im new to this site. i know how to play bass, and i just recently had a revelation to buy one. what i want is a good bass with good sound, along with a solid loud amp. im not too sure about starting a band quite yet, but i need something good. i dont want a starter crappy bass, but something decent. i heard both ibanez and fender make good decent starters..and theres a store around here that has some fenders on sale this week. someone help me out as to what i am looking for. i only have about 400$ candadian to spend on the bass only, and im just looking for a simple 4 string. as you can tell by my screen name, im a motley crue fan, along with all of the other 80's glam/hair metal bands, so tahts the sound i want. please i need some advice as to whats good and whats not. thanks! feel free to e-mail me only at pero_69@hotmail.com, not the other e-mail that you might see. thanks!



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well for a starter on that budget I would recommend a yamaha bass as they make quality lowe priced instruments. As an amp I would recommend something from the swr workingman's series. I'm not sure what the conversion factor is from cad to usd. I would advise you to buy used on your budget however. You might be able to get a schecter stilleto elite on that budget, and that's a helluva bass for a decent price.

If you plan on buying a fender from a local store, then take a knowledgable, bassplaying friend with you. You see, fenders made in mexico are hit or miss and those are the basses within your budget.

As far as the sound and look of 80's glam metal bands....that's gibson thunderbird and bc rich territory, although you might want a more versatile bass than a thunderbird and a bass of higher quality than a bc rich. I believe lowboy has an epiphone thunderbird that he likes so he'll be able to guide you there if you're quite serious about it.

I would strongly recommend the swr workinman's series, and would like to reitterate that fact. However, you may also want to check out traynor amps. They should be nice as well...and they're canadian too :thu: .

Good luck in your search, and welcome to the forum!

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I'll second the Yamaha recomendation. The new BB414 could probably be got for that price, or a second had BB404, which is the slightly older model.

On the other hand, I play and love my Epiphone T-bird. Not so versatile as the Yamaha but definatly good at what it does. I picked up the 'Elitist' model, which is mahogany, for only about £350.

It all comes down to what you like : Try before you buy

Bog visoko, a Rusija daleko
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Welcome to the Forum family, crue! :wave:

Best advice I can give you is to get the bass that inspires you to come back to it again and again. It won't be perfect, it won't be your last, but it has to be one you enjoy picking up and dedicating time to. Doesn't matter how much or how little you spend on it, if it winds up in the back of the closet after a month it just wasn't the right bass for you. If you don't know what that bass is, spend some time visualizing the type of bass you'd see yourself playing.


I remember a few months back seeing a young man trying out different basses and looking at one I was playing (an Ibanez Iceman). I asked him if he wanted to check it out, he did, I passed it to him. It was a little big on him (he was somewhere around 4-41/2' tall) but he gave it some time. His mom asked him if he liked one of the others he tried, but he had a smile on his face from playing the Iceman. I asked him if he could see himself playing it in a band, and he nodded yes, same big smile. So I told him and his mom that was the bass for him; hopefully he's still happy with it.

Moral: never underestimate the coolness factor. :cool:


Also there's a lot of good stuff on the used market, it just means you'll have to do a little more shopping around, checking out the pawn shops and the want ads.


Finally, locate a good repair person who'll teach you the ropes about tuning, check out your bass setup and make it work for you. Hope to see you around more often! :wave:

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Originally posted by crue:

hey everyone. im a new bass player, or at least i think i am, and im new to this site. i know how to play bass, and i just recently had a revelation to buy one.

Welcome to the Lowdown, crue. Warm and deep it is.


Odd statements, these.


In addition to your new gear purchase, have you ever considered taking bass lessons? Grow fast, you will.


Make sure you find a teacher who will teach music reading.

"Let's raise the level of this conversation" -- Jeremy Cohen, in the Picasso Thread.


Still spendin' that political capital far faster than I can earn it...stretched way out on a limb here and looking for a better interest rate.

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thanks for the advice guys. i think im gonna go this wednesday to long and mquade where they have the fender's on sale, and i'll talk to the guys to see what they say. thanks for the advice, and as for the last post, i already know the notes and strings for bass, as i've played a foreign instrument that has the exact same strings/notes, and i know how to read notes etc. im still open for any more suggestions, but i'll look into those yamaha's. my good buddy at school thats into bass says they have the best basses nowadays. please feel free to post more and help me out--once i buy one, i'll let everyone know what it is. thanks.



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I have a Yamaha BB605. It's my main bass. It was very inexpensive and plays as nice as any (and I've had many) bass I've had at 8 times the price.


I'd love to pick up a BB414 to go along with it. You may want to look at those. It's a passive 4 string with P and J pickups, one volume, one tone and a toggle for pickup selection. Very nice neck and they sound and play great. The Metalic Orange color is very nice, too. They go new for about $400.


I've also had good luck with MIM Jazz basses. I don't have any at the moment, but I've had 4 of them. You do need to play them, but I think they are a very versitile bass.


The bottom line is, you need to play as many as you can and pick the one the plays and sounds the best to YOU. Use YOUR ears and hands. Name brands and what "insert name here" plays should not be a determining factor. Maybe a starting consideration, but that's all. It took me a long time and lots of $$ to reach this conclusion.


Good luck , grasshopper.

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hey dude nice to see another crue fan here

L&McQ is good check out StevesMusic and Songbird as well(if your in ottawa T.O or montreal)


like the others have said the best thing you can do is go into the stores and PLAY EVERYTHING

weather its in your price range or way out of it

thats the best way to get some idea of what you really want

and dont be afraid to try the cheap stuff

these days some of it is pretty damn good

like Jay Turser's p,j,and stingray clones!


Fenders and Squires are always a good way to start

but dont worry about where its made so much as what it sounds like.


when your buying an instrument try playing it both plugged and unplugged.

an instrument that sounds good acousticaly,

on its own,unamplified.

will sound even better when it is plugged in.


as a beginner and even now as an experienced player i did and do most of my practicing unplugged

(tends to annoy family,friends and roomates,much less if they arent forced to hear you play the wrong note in the same spot,three hundred and forty eight times. ;) )

so i tend to go for an instrument with a full warm vibrant acoustic tone.over one that sounds dead and flat.

if you love the sound of it youll wanna play it all the more.


now if what you really want is a THUNDERBIRD

go for the EPIPHONE GOTH T-BIRD!!!


GIBSON T-birds are beautifull and they sound great and they cost a fortune

(for those of us on a tight budget)

if your lucky you might find one used for under $900.


gibson T's have a nine piece mahogony neck thru body with a slim 1.5"nut neck profile.

and for those who care,are made in america.


epiphone is gibsons "less expencive" brand.made in china and korea.

the EPI Thunderbird IV has an alder body with a bolt on maple neck and rosewoodfingerboard

(common woods for most fenders)

and it has a wider flater neck profile,1.73"at the nut.


the EPI GOTH T is more like a real gibson .

it has a mahogony body and a blot on maple neck with a slimmer 1.5" nut neck.

its a nice playing comfortable BASS...i love it.


and for the MOTLEY CRUE fan the goth T

with its black hardware and flat black paint

LOOks "similar" to NIKKI SIXX's BLACKBIRD model(without the iron cross inlays).


when you get your choices down to 2 or 3 basses

just sit there and play em switching back and forth til you figure out which one has the best vibe for you


when i bought my first squire i really really wanted a black one.

but the red one sounded so much better.

that was the bass i learned on and it served me well for many years. i dont play it much these days but i'll never sell it.its part of my soul.



as for amps...theres alot to chose from some good some shite.

peavey bass combos are cheap and easy to find.

and they are good for starters.but i absolutly hate the sound of them myself,

(transisters...yuck!...gimme a tube amp!)

but you might really like em.you never know,everyone hears things a bit differently,you might love em.

the best thing to do is pick a price range,take along an experienced bassbuddy and play everything you can plug into.


my amp of choice is an old TRAYNOR BASSMASTER (1964...its 5 years older than I am!)

i also have an AMPEG BA110 combo.

big ampeg noize,little price(under $400)!

check out the BA110,BA112 and BA115 models


Ashdown has an interesting looking mini stack rig

with an amp and 2 separate 10" speaker cabs for about $400.id like to check that one out myself.any one here have an opinion on it?



ROCK ON :thu:

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Check out used Fender Japanese P basses or J basses on EBAY. You'll find some good deals for around 300 or less, although I've noticed some of these basses actually goin up in price a little bit. The quality of the construction and the electronics are better on the MIJ's than the Indonesian or Mexican ones.


IMHO, MIJ(made in Japan)Fenders are the best of the non-USA basses.


Here's an example...


Fender Japanese J (MIJ) Buy ME!!!


WOW! Good deal! I'd say this would make a fine first bass and give you lots of versatility. And it's on the cheap. What have ya got to lose? :thu:

"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


Band site: www.finespunmusic.com

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I'll second the Made-In-Japan Fender Basses. Great buy for the money if you can snag 'em.


Otherwise, Made-In-Mexico Fenders are also a good bet for the money. Simple to operate and maintain, and they hold up well overall, in my opinion.


Just my $.02, but if you're just starting out, spend more on the bass than the amp. Buy a better bass, and get, say, a Peavey MicroBass. I started out with an 80's Charvel, basically a "P", and a MicroBass. That bass served me without fail from day one. Still have it, won't part with it, and it still plays great and sounds great. (I just don't take it out amymore, use it at home for recording)


That way, too, if you start out with a better bass and a smaller amp, you have a bass you're used to and a "practice amp" for around home when you decide to buy a bigger amp, venture out and gig. . .


Worked well for me a long time ago. . .

"When it comes to havin' a good time, nothing beats 'fun'. . ."


-- Stefan Johnson

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