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Best stand alone rhythm section

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From what little I've heard by them, I'd also be inclined to say "Sly & Robbie". But davio, Jaco & Portnoy would be interesting :D


Also, this is perhaps a lesser known rhythm section, but Benjy Reid of Snowdogs (I'd post a URL but their website is missing ...) and one of my favourite people on this earth, and a damn fine bass player also, Steve Dunning make one helluva team.


Both play with John Lawton (of Uriah Heep fame) and usually during the encores Steve gets a solo and is supported by Benjy, after which Benjy continues the solo, supported by Steve :) Always a pleasure seeing those guys have a go at it.

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Originally posted by Bass_in_August:

Victor wooten and his brother Future man


Sooooo good

SO true



Victor and Steve Smith, i like VTT material


Jaco/ Alex Acuna


Victor and Carter Beauford

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David Garibaldi & Rocco Prestia. Yummy.


For a little more subtlety, Benny Benjamin & James Jamerson.


And for in-yer face gonzo shredding, Lenny White & Stanley Clarke.


But to choose just one pair, has to be the boys from TOP...

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Some great one's listed, I'll add Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice - a great duo that has been together forever. Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck Bogert Appice...some great stuff from those two.


Also Billy Cox and Buddy Miles - gutbucket soul


Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell - IMO they backed Jimi on his best stuff

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Danny Carey playing the way he does in hi zepelling tribute band, but with jpj on his 8, 10, and 12 strings!
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I'd have to say (in no particular order):


1.) Duff McKagan and Steve Adler from G 'n' R. I learned more about the bass player/drummer relationship from those two than anyone.


2.) JPJ and John Bonham. 'Nuf said.


3.) Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Still trying to figure those two out as a unit.

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Originally posted by kenfxj:

Ox & Moon...Sounds like a pub.

I'll be looking them up in the next world, and I hope they do open a pub with cold-running Guiness draft! :D
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rooster, good pick with Duff/Steve Adler. Matt Sorum may be a more technically proficient drummer, but his playing always sounded plodding to me, whereas Adler's playing was looser and swung the band much more. IMHO, G 'n' R turned into just another crappy metal band after Adler and Izzy Stradlin left.
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Sly and Robbie for sure. A lot of other really good choices as well...

Elvin Jones and Mike Garrison?

(or how about Elavin Jones and Dave Holland?)


And, I remember a very short lived project which featured Jonas Hellborg and Ginger Baker.


I always thought that Bill Laswell and Zakir Hussein have a natural dialogue about them.


And always likied the (recorded) sound of Michael Manring and Tim "Herb" Alexander.



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