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Why Do You Have To Be An Ass?

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Well even though the pay sucks, someone's got to do it....maybe as well be me (or someone else just as qualified)! BD
"With the help of God and true friends I've come to realize, I still have two strong legs and even wings to fly" Gregg Allman from "Ain't Wastin Time No More"
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All your WeWus' are belong to us. *********************************** Popeye WeWus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00289.jpg[/img] Butterbean WeWus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00307.jpg[/img] Skynyrd WeWus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00292.jpg[/img] Dudeyourgettinadell WeWus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00309.jpg[/img] Uncle Wewus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00304.jpg[/img] Previously unknown species WeWus [img]http://uglypeople.com/uglymen/section.images/up-men-00302.jpg[/img] :wave: :p
So Many Drummers. So Little Time...
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