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Stanley Clarke - TRIO!


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Hey everyone - Longtime lurker; first time poster.

Last night, I caught the trio that Stanley Clarke has put together to tour this summer (Stanley Clarke, Béla Fleck, Jean-Luc Ponty) and just wanted to say a few words about the experience.


What an amazing show! Besides hearing three virtuosos somehow manage to meld together like they did, the thing that really blew me away about this show was how genre-defying it is. If someone asked me to categorize the type of music that they played, I would honestly say it was a mix of bluegrass, jazz, classical, rock, and funk...and even then I'd barely be scratching the surface!


The group played lots of original music that I hope will eventually make its way to a recording. Other highlights included a killer version of Chick Corea's "Spain" and about a 15 second teaser of "School Days" that Stanley started playing in response to some none-too-subtle requests from the audience.


What was also cool is that in addition to the trio performances, each performer did a little solo piece. Stanley's was, of course, mindblowing and featured some machine gun like runs covering the entire length of his upright fretboard, some insane string-raking, and some percussive slaps on the body and neck of the bass producing sounds I have never heard played on an upright before.


If this trio happens to make its way anywhere in your neck of the woods this summer, I would definitely recommend you check them out!

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I caught Stanley, Jean -Luc and Al dimeola "The Rite of stings" exactly one year ago. Sounds like Bela replaced Al and they are doing a similar program these days.


They are all true masters of their instruments. They play the most amazing stuff and look totally relaxed doing it.


Ive always loved Stanleys acoustic playing.

I also saw his last electric band on tour a year and a half ago. They rocked.


Speaking of Stanley. In contrast, I saw C. Corea and his band Touchstone this week. I love some of his vintage music. However, I found his recent material was hard for me to connect to.

Not enough familiar elements not enough melodic content to grap onto. My $.02

Check out some tunes here:


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Welcome from a fellow new member!


I was lucky enough to see Stanley live at the Cape Town Jazz Festival last year, but nothing like you describe. On upright he's in a class of his own. Now if only I could get to see Brian Bromberg live too .......




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