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The Poll of the Thread: Which finger do you lead with?

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Answer the question.


From a thread started by bumpcity. Based on an idea by MusicFiend.


In another fairly recent thread, I saw someone mention that they lead with their middle finger when playing finger style. Last night during rehearsal, I paid attention to my right hand and I lead with my middle finger too. I also noticed that I often times will play part of a line with *just* my middle finger. Odd, because it's something that I never even think about - that hand just makes the notes go when I want it to.


So my question is this: Is that weird? Are you supposed to lead with your index finger? By "supposed to", I'm assuming that some method book out there says that you should always lead with your index finger.


I was self taught for a long time before I started taking lessons. I had a few bad habits that I've since corrected, but I never recall my bass teacher telling me which fingers to use for what on my plucking hand. Though, we did have many discussions on my horrible fretting hand technique.

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I voted randomly/tactically. When I'm doing just straight eighths on one string only, I lead with my index. This sometimes causes problems because if I'm not really careful, my middle finger plays louder. If I seem to be having problems with this, I pull out "the hook" and simply use index finger only. I've gotten to where I can play some pretty complex lines that way.


When I'm string-skipping or doing arpeggios or whatever, my fingers are all over the place and I just use whatever finger works. I also use a lot more sweep picking than I should. Like if I'm playing two notes three notes on adjacent strings (going from high string to low string) I will simply use the same finger. This is a habit I'm pretty sure I will never break because it works.

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