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Custom made Cabs

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Hi everybody.


It´s been a long time since my last post. But here I am, with a brand new question....


I´m facing a problem that concernes my health: the cabinets are too heavy, and, since I gig a lot, they are destroying my back.




I was thinking in buying a custom made cabinet, instead of using the ones I have. It would be a 2x10 with 600 Watts (300W each)...




I don´t have ANY experience in this area. Don´t know if it´s a good deal or not; if the 2x10 can handle the 600W power; Witch speakers I would use...


I hope my english is good enough for you to understand me...


If you could help me, it would be great.

Well, that´s it. Thanks (at least for your time)


See ya.

Please, forgive my english, I don´t speak it very well
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go to 'loudspeakers' > 'midget'


use one with and one without tweeter to get 2x10


or go to 'loudspeakers' > 'power'


use the 2x10 with tweeter of that series (but that might be too much, it's 1000W RMS...)


is there a way to get them for you? i do not know but it gives you an overview of the possibilities around.


take care of your back man! hope it works out :)

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If you don't mind making an extra trip, get a cabinet made which duplicates your current cab, just split into two parts, i.e. two 1x10" cabs instead of one 2x10".


Why do you need at least 500W power handling? What is more important is the sensitivity and LF roll-off of the cab.



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Actually I have a Tri210L and a Tri112L.


I can pick up the Tri112L with one hand and I've used it with a five piece band in a large ballroom.


Willie, when you come to visit you can play through everything I've got.


tnb, the cabs are small, but I don't think I can get them on the plane as carry-on luggage next time I come out your way.

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