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Aguilar obp-3/Bill Lawrence j-45


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I was wondering if anybody has tried/has the Bill Lawrence J-45 pickups with the aguilar obp-3 preamp and how it sounds? Everyone seems to like the obp-3 pre w/the bartolini 9's (I think). I'm not sure If I'd go for the bart pre though; it seems to have the high highs that I'm not so eager for.

any input appreciated,




oh and this is a mohagany bass in case it matters.

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Let me be the first to welcome you to our little home on the web. :wave:


Can't tell you about the Aguilar unit in question but I've recorded through one of his tube preamps on a couple of sessions. They go for something like $600-900, but they're like playing through a well-mannered classic Fender Bassman. Have to check with a friend to see if he bought the OBP-3 yet, we talked about that a few weeks back.


I've used Bill's guitar pickups and they crank well. There's some controvery out there as to whether he or Dan Armstrong came up with the idea of using steel blades instead of pole pieces, but that could also be Rickenbacker's claim. (lap steels of the 1930s) Never used his bass pickups because I can't find them, and if I ever get around to it I might order a set off his website. <<- [note: click here to go there.]


Bill isn't as popular as Duncan, DiMarzio or Bartolini, but he's got the engineering chops to make him a senior member of the club.


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