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Fender Bassman 200 combo: Bad connection/oxidation?


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I've got a 2 year-old Fender Bassman 200 combo. It's the black-face type made just before Fender bought SWR a year or so ago and went "silver-face".


All of a sudden my 200W amp sounded like a 5W amp - almost no power and lots of cheezy fuzz. Opened it up and checked the connections (ribbon cables, etc.) - now it seems fine!


Any of you folks have problems with the ribbon-cables between circuit boards or other wires getting a bit oxidized? Especially Fender Bassman 200 (or 100) combos?

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There must be a high amount of humidity in all of the places you've played that amp in. Amazing. Either that, or it's suffered a lot of spills from various beverages, and kept on running somehow.


In any case, that's just odd. That oxidation shouldn't be happening so soon. You may just have a lemon in there...

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Hopefully it's a one-time thing. You can inhibit oxidation with a can of electrical contact cleaner, like what Radio Shack sells or a dozen other places. I get mine from a hobby parts store.


If it happens again, mainly if it cuts out once it gets hot and then goes back on again after a cooling-off period, it's time for a service call. Keep your warranty card handy.


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