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GIGSPAM: Mrs. Grundy @ Don Hills on 6/3/05!


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Big news, people - we wanted to keep it quiet until the details were hammered out, but VH1 has finally completed a "Behind the Music" with

Mrs. Grundy! While it won't be airing for anywhere from three to 45 weeks from now (we're having trouble securing releases from disgruntled

ex-members), it's already gotten a write-up in Rolling Stone - here's a couple of excerpts:


"...an exotic backyard pool, African tigers roaming in the background,guys fanning Paul (a successful men's neckwear entrepreneur) as he reveals that the band's demise began when Evan joined the band..."


"...and of course Matt, in a shoebox of an apartment with overflowing bookcases and an oversized music stand blocking his head, whining about how the lack of gigs began when he should have grabbed that barmaid's phone number at Hogs & Heifers."


How cool is that?!


Anyway, to celebrate, we're playing *this Friday* at Don Hill's. We have the good fortune of sharing the stage with one of our favorite bands, GSX - you'll have to be there to see what we mean - as well as two other great bands, Ionia and Fighter Pilot. Rumor has it that even Mini Kiss - and I'm not kidding - will be making an appearance.


This is our last show for a while, so please MAKE THE EFFORT AND BE THERE! Yeah, yeah, I said that about our last gig, but this time I *really* mean it. I'll even give $5.87 to everyone that shows up. Big thanks to Dan Weiss at Don Hill's for giving us the night.


As usual, brand spankin' new CDs will be on hand, cheeeeap!

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