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e - guitar to b-guitar


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Welcome to the forum Rudraksh.


Due to the greater pull of the strings, the scale length and trying to get 6 bass strings into a very narrow space, I'd say that this was not only not advisable, but dangerous to the original instrument.



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Well, an electric guitar wouldn't make a very good bass. You would need to replace or heavily modify the nut and the bridge to hold four heavy strings instead of six light strings. And tension in bass strings is very high, so you might permanently warp the neck.


But mostly it wouldn't sound very good: most guitars have a scale length of about 25 inches (the length of the string, from nut to bridge saddle), and most basses have a scale length of about 34 inches. So the strings would have to be very loose to play in tune, so they would be pretty floppy.


But I'm sure it has been done before.



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octave pedal!

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Eddy is right - or check out Rondo music. You can score some nice instruments for under $200.


Why, just look at this -




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Might be hard to buy a cheap bass in India.


Welcome to our little club.


But I do agree, this project is pretty daunting. You might be able to find a set of "baritone" guitar strings that would fit the guitar. They tune a fifth below the guitar, but might just work. That would give you a bass guitar, but not with traditional tuning. It would still function in a bass role.


Musician Friend link to Baritone Strings

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I would suggest buying something off of ebay, but many people do not ship internationaly. And many of the people that do reserve the right to refuse buyers form india and indonesia.

Still, it would be very hard to convert an electric guitar to a bass guitar.

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Go to MegaGuitarSamMusicAsh123CenterMart"dot"com and pick up a Fender Bronco Bass. It's not expensive, it has a 30.5" scale and looks and hefts just like one of them thar gee-tars.


Some of the Epiphone "exotics" (flying v, etc.) have the short scale legnth also. As do the daisy rocks.


Concur with the sages above, backfitting a 6 string would be costly, complicated, and require router skills. And if you aren't careful with a router, you'll lose fingers and only be able to pound out root notes for the rest of your life.


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