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My birthday present


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Every year I buy myself something I want for my birthday. Last year it was a grenade launcher but that is another thread all together . . .


This year I bought the Ashdown MAG300.

This is a little powerhouse of a head. Don't let the rated wattage fool ya. I put it (gingerly of course) on top of a 7.75 Ft. enclosure that holds an EV DL15X and I almost blew down a wall. Great tone and seems to have some headroom too. The sub-harmonic generator is enough to send ya packin' for a BM though. :freak: First time I have heard that EV fart.


This meets my goal of having 3 complete rigs. One at each practice space and one at home.


My son slipped and told me that he got me the Pignose Hog 30 -which I intended to buy shortly- so now I can concentrate on the Michael Kelly STAB 5. Life is good. Just wanted to share.



Happy birthday to me,

Good bye 43.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Happy Birthday Matt! Congrats on the new amp.


I'll be 41 on Saturday, my only present is I'll be playing a gig that night. :thu:

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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Happy Birthday Matt!! I endorse that process of getting nice gifts on your Birthday. last year I got my GK rig. This year I got a Gibson Explorer for my James Hetfield I'm 15 again Thrash Metal fantasy. (Plus my wife says it will make a nice heirloom for our future Kids)


Have a great day as well Basshapi playing a gig isn't a bad way to put in your Birthday.

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I usually buy myself a Christmas present every year (the best present I get too). I have been seriously considering buying that amp as soon as I start working again. Do us a favor, give us another review after you've had it for a couple of months.

Happy B-Day, and happy BM day too...

If you think my playing is bad, you should hear me sing!
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Happy Birthday Matt, sounds like a great present!!

The pignose will be sweet too!

Happy Birthday Basshappi, have a great gig!!



This is great..."(Plus my wife says it will make a nice heirloom for our future Kids) "

I'll try that with my wife on my next gear purchase!! Does she alway say that?



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Happy birthday guys,

This seems like the week for good birthdays. My birthday is this weekend. My present is my band's debut gig(we're 3rd in a 5 band line up and it's already sold out). There's a show/Andy's birthday party at a bar after the show, plus i'm guaranteed a bed to sleep in even though the gig is out of my home town. I couldn't ask for a better birthday.

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