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OK: Can somebody please tell me how to post an avatar?

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Mr. F, welcome you to the family!


Assuming you're in the PC/Windows community, here's a tip. Every image on the WWW has a url which you can view by right-clicking on the photo and selecting "Properties" from the menu. If you copied that url line (e.g., "http://www.yaddayaddayadda.com/pic.gif") into the part of your "Edit Profile" sequence that lets you select your own image, you'll get that image as an avatar.


Knowing that bandwith is a serious concern here, I would advise you read the advice on how big to make your avatar. If your avatar takes up a 6"x6" block and takes a minute to load, that's gonna be WAY too big and earn you flaming points from the gallery. Lots of pics out there that'll only take up maybe a couple of square inches would be nice.


For instance, here's one from the

Liberace Museum. http://www.liberace.org/redhat/flyinsuit_72.jpg That's a start. :D


(One of the very first B&W programs I ever saw in my youth was "The "Liberace Show". That gives you a hint as to how old I am.)


BTW, every time you change an avatar and use it, it retroactively changes the avatar from all your previous posts. Yesterday I was Darth Vader, and 6 months ago I was Gene Wilder, but now I'm back to being Johnny Depp. Tomorrow I might be "The Thing" or Tom Capasso!


Hope you have fun here! Even the occasional flamings can be fun if they're done in the right spirit.


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