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Modding the Bass


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I've began reading up on electronics and plan to mod my Dean Edge 1-5 Bass as much as I can and have some fun :cool: .


The circuitry looks really simple. Anyone have any ideas on stuff to mod? I was thinking about adding LEDs, but then all the holes in the bass guitar would be near impossible to make. For starters, I could get custom knobs/pickups. I'm also wondering if it's possible to create a little circuit that can check to see if my strings are in tune.


Is it a good idea to replace my soap bar pickups with something else? I play a lot of funk/slap, so any suggestions on pickups I should buy to replace them with?


Ciao. :thu:

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I added LEDs on my bass around the pickups. The holes were the easy part. Trying to get the LEDs to stay in and then wiring in power for them was the hard part. Not to mention that I now have 4 batteries in my cavity.
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I was going to do this in my last band but I don't have the time at the moment so I might as well let this one go out there to the world and let someone have fun with it. It's a variation on one of Dave Letterman's bits.


My idea was to mount a webcam on my headstock and run the wiring down the neck and into a wireless transmitter that could be integrated with the control/battery compartment. I've seen some amazing minicams that are small enough. Hook the receiver (USB wireless hub) into a laptop, bring a small color monitor and put that on a stool facing the audience. As you pan the neck around, the audience can see what you see on stage. You could have someone off to the side of the stage with the laptop who can zoom in/out and give suggestions on where to point the cam. So if you spot that little honey at the bar shaking in time to what you're playing, you can put her on TV for the audience and later edit that into your next band video. BASSCAM!!!


(If you send a nice thought out to the world it'll send you back three more even nicer ones... )


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Perhaps the webcam could be on the bass rather than headstock as the headstock is likely to move a lot more than the bass body. So if it was near the bridge looking towards the neck, you could get some amazing footage of your plucking and fretting fingers.


Would it be possible to put lasers on a bass? Now if the beam came out of the headstock it would be like a weapon!

"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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Originally posted by RHINO_ROB:

lasers on a bass.


check this out

Rhino Bob,


I notice you're in Northern California, where presumably all public buildings are smoke-free. Consider the following statement from the site you posted:


"The only effect used was a smoke machine to accent the light"


You can't see a laser beam until it hits something, either a solid object or in this case, smoke in the air.


So this effect work probably work well in North Carolina, but probably not so well in North California. :D


Bruiser (in South California)

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well we can pour as much fake smoke on a stage as we want( until the club owner says stop or someone walks into or off of something).

if a bar is family owned and they have no "employees" then they can have smoking in the bar. also it is legal to smoke in a tobacco shop.

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