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fuzzy and quiet string


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I have an I banez EDA 905 and the sound on my g-string has gone quieter.


Its actually just the G-string, so I think that the problem would be in the piezo pickup, which each string has.


When I touch the string, there is a fuzzy sound, and when I play the open string, it has a quieter sound.


If, However, I touch the Piezo pickup, the sound comes out as normal. Is this because I am earthing the current or something?

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Have you replaced the battery in the pre-amp? Start there. If it persists, then check the piezos; look in the control cavity for loose wires coming from them. Or are they "easy" to check from the bridge itself?

Good luck- we're all counting on you.

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How do you touch the piezo pickup? Isn't it built into the bridge?


If you mean you are pressing down on the string where it attaches to the bridge and pushes down on the piezo, it's possible the pickup is misaligned.


I don't think I would want to take the bridge apart and fix it myself...if the other suggestions of changing the battery and the string don't help you might need a pro to look at your bridge.

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I have the four string version of that same bass. I've had 3 of the piezos go out on me, one at a time.


Be sure to isolate the issue first. If you completely kill the piezo volume, does the soapbar pickup sound OK? If so, it's definitely the piezo.


You will not be able to repair it yourself.


As for me, I've learned to love the sound of the magnetic pickup. :)


By the way, the part number for that monorail bridge is ZBB1MRPZK

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