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organ pedal?????


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You will also need some kind of synth module or keyboard with MIDI to get what you are after.


I've been looking into this for the same reason. Hope to add it to my rig sometime this year.

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If you want more than 17 notes, there are some 25 and 32-note options, with the slat-style pedals instead of the stubbies:




However, it does mean that you must venture into the scary *gasp* Keyboard Corner Forum. (cue eerie music) IF YOU DARE...





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Be aware that these things can get VERY expensive. I have a Roland PK-5 and managed to pick it up used for about $325 or so. The PK-7 is upwards of $1200 or $1300 new. Most of the 25 and 32-note systems built for use with organs are going to run $2k and up.


And then, as mentioned, you add in the cost of the sound generator, which for decent keyboard sounds is going to start at around $300, I'd say.


That being said, they are just soooo much fun and so handy. :)

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