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Bass Synth Effect


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I was wondering if someone can recommend me the best bass synthesizer effect for the bass that money can buy these days.

I'm really into P-funk, so I'd like an effect that can also emulate Moog sounds and synths/stuff like that.


Thanks! :thu:

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Welcome to the forum Funkonaut.


You're probably going to have people suggest you use that handy little search function up in the top right corner.


I'm not the most qualified to talk to you about effects (by any stretch of the mind) but I'm sure you'll get many...many...different answers here. Everyone has their own oppinions and tastes.


Another suggestion that you'll probably get is to go out and try anything you can get your hands on and use your ears to decide...not the price tag.


Good luck!

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I think to get something "top-notch", you'd need to go with something very high-end like the Roland V-Bass System .


Low bass-frequencies are very hard for electronics to a) determine the frequency of and b) generate an equivalent sound in real-time. True "synth" requires this. The synth built into my Bass PODxt is pretty bad at tracking - this seems to be a common problem with synth effects. A real synth effect is also generally monophonic.


You may care to consider clever use of envelope-generation, filtering, delay and other effects to give you that sound you're looking for. With that approach, a multi-effect unit like the Line6 Bass PODxt or the Boss GT-6B might help (unless you prefer the "best of breed" approach).

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I love synth bass, and I've played with many of the toys out there. The truth is that I think the best thing to do is use a keyboard. I have a small Maudio midi keyboard controller, and bass pedal controller going into an EMU vintage keys pro. That does the Minimoog bass and Taurus pedals sounds, and there's no issue with triggering.


The Boss SYB3 (& new SYB5) pedals are very nice, but the triggering is a bit touchy in my opinion. I have the SYB3 and I don't use it live for that reason.


The digitech Bass Synth Wah pedal is more of a filter than a true synth. It triggers pretty well. I like it for the Mutron type sound.


I've never used the Akai Deep Impact, but people who have really rave about it. It supposedly triggers very well. To my ear it has more of a Roland SH-101 or TB-303 sound than a minimoog sound.


One of the nicest synth bass sounds I can get is using a Boss octaver and a TC chorus.

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Thanks you guys! Your fast replies make me feel very welcome on this forum.

Fact is that I already have an Akai Deep Impact, which I bought several years ago, but it's kinda broke. But I was never really happy with the triggering, so I wanted to know if there was a new piece of machinework available that could perfectly transform my bass into a moog or something.

But with your suggestions I'm have some things to try out in the store....

Maybe I'll also fix my Akai and experiment with it once more..

Funk Is It's Own Reward
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Originally posted by bottomend:

If you can find a Korg G5 toneworks bass synth processor, you'll be in heaven. They didn't make them very long and there is no reason on Earth why. It tracks and sounds great!

Here's what my Korg ToneWorks G5 Synth Bass Processor sounds like...


Black Hey Yeah

Cracked-Out Daffy with a Torch

Uncle Fester\'s Neon Distraction

Sister Fuzzy Knuckle

Hey... Yeah!

Contemplating the Color of a Toilet Seat Cover.mp3

What a Mess

Listerine Demon

My Band: MySpace/Butcher


Mi Casa: MySpace/The Philth

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Those stupid boss synth pedals are stupid as shit. The best REAL synth sound is made from 2 types of pedals... higher and lower octave mixed in with a low pass filter.


What i use is a electro harmonix POG and a mooger fooger low pass filter. This could possibly be the best synth sound and since there is two pedals you change change that sound and make 100 other synth sounds. If you got to the omney i would deff recommend this!

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