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BBE Sound Bmax-t?

Dan T.

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Are really disatisifed with your Mesa 400+?


Check talkbass's amp forums and do a search. They have atleast 1 thread comparing the 2 B-max, though that might not be what you're looking for.


I've heard it's not very flexible and works better for more modern basses.

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Hi there.


Can you shrink the avatar a bit...it squeezes all the text off to a tiny portion of the screen.


I love the BBE process, but I'm not sure it's all that useful in bass. I think it does help a bit in cutting through the mix with a lower volume.


I'd prefer to keep what ya got, and get the BBE Pre-amp, so you can get your sound when going direct.

Yep. I'm the other voice in the head of davebrownbass.
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