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I lost track of the thread where you talked about picking up 97.3 down in Charlotte. I just wanted to get back to you and say that I haven't listened much to 97.3. I am more of a 92.3 Classic Rock or 99.7 listener, along with the typical NC Country stations (104.1, 105.7, etc.) Since your post I have taken to listening to 97.3 more. You are right...it is a pretty good station and is somewhat varied in their format. For me that makes it hard to listen to, going from Boston to Culture Club to PHil Collins to Brandy along with crossing the many styles. I've found myself listening to a song or two then quickly changing the station to avoid songs I can't stand to listen to. Now a really great eclectic station I listen to frequently is 88.7 from Spindale, NC. They play alot of lesser-known artists from different genres--most is really good music, IMHO. Plus they do a Grateful Dead show every Sunday I think from 7:00-8:00 and Blues Sunday night from 8:00-11:00. Now's that what I call a great radion station! Its nice to know that there are other North Carolinians on here! BD
"With the help of God and true friends I've come to realize, I still have two strong legs and even wings to fly" Gregg Allman from "Ain't Wastin Time No More"
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