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Wendler - Second Gig UPDATE


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Thought I'd give a little update on the new bass. I had a gig with the big band last night. Wedding dance - played every waltz and polka in the book.


Anyway, I brought the Wendler along which was a good thing as I had about 2 square feet of space. It performed very well. The sound was very "uprighty" and I recieved many nice comments on the tone. I don't think anyone really missed the upright - except for the "look" it gives.


So far I am running the "blend" of the pickups at about 50/50 with maybe a slight lean to the piezo side. It really sounds like a mic'ed up, amplified upright. It's missing a little of that "true" upright character, but no more than any other UEB - like the Azola I used to own - does.


My hand go a little tired at the end of the night (3 sets) as the neck profile is a little different from my Yamaha, no big deal. It could also be because I hadn't gigged in a while. :)


Transportation is, of course, significantly easier. The bass is so light I had to double check that it was in my gig bag!


I love the simplicity of the passive controls. Nothing to get in the way of the sound. I had to EQ my amp a bit to compensate for the (wonderful) room we were in. Needed to take away some lows.


By the end of the night I was really starting to feel comfortable with the bass. The last few tunes really grooved. I'll be playing in a trio next Friday and Saturday so I'll get to try it in a more intimate setting. I'm sure it will be fantastic. It should sound great in the smaller setting of the piano trio.


I hope you all get a chance to try one sometime. They are a very unique instrument.

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This sounds like quite a success story. Replace your upright with a well-made and inexpensively-acquired bass guitar - cool !!


Sounds like next weekend should be lots of fun as well.




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Well, I had a jazz quartet gig at the "fancy" restaurant last night. The bass worked great. The guys loved the tone - and the look. I play a lot of 5 and some 6 so I'm still getting used to the feel of that slim neck.


The bass performed better than I did. :( It's been a while since I did a "standards" gig. My solos did get better as the night went on.


Once again, this bass filled the bill nicely. It was great to leave my upright at home.

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