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Introduction and help me out with some music reccomendations

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Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and ask a question at the same time :)


I'm 22, and after completing a Bachelor of International Studies (majoring in International Relations, Asian Studies and Political Sociology) I now work for the Education department down here fixing idiots computers and answering their questions as a way to pay the bills; playing music is my real love however.


I've been playing in an original band for 2 years; been playing bass for 2 1/2 years all up ;) . I'll try to put up some of the original stuff I've written later if anyone is interested.


I play an 02' Stingray 4 string; natural finish w/maple fretboard through an SWR Mo'Bass and Eden XST210 cab. Looking to get another cab so I can run the head in dual mode (effected/clean) in the months to come.


As for my question, I've found that my tastes in music have broadened significantly in the last few years; I've gone from only listening to Rollins Band, Tool, Primus and Soundgarden to enjoying music from bands like:


Bob Marley and the Wailers, At the Drive In, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, The Strokes, Iggy pop and the Stooges, Dead Kennedy's, Bad Brains, Melvins, Oysterhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sepultura, Parliament, Interpol, International Noise Conspiracy, Refused, etc etc.


I've really been getting into the punk-type stuff recently; Dead Kennedy's, Bad Brains, Refused - anything with a real hard driving energy. Any suggestions for other bands I might like ?

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First off, welcome to the Lowdown! Hope you enjoy your stay here in our little home away from home.


Sounds like the rig you're playing through is sweet.


Re: alternative listenings - it sounds like you've gotten a good start with the artists you've mentioned so far. If it's punk you're looking for, I'd search back into the 70s for some of the originators of the genre. The Clash is one of my favorites, but there's Patti Smith, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Dictators, The Stooges, The Damned, The Plasmatics, Siouxie and the Banshees, Sex Pistols, AntiFlag, The Ramones. Hey, try The Tubes! One of my favorite bands, though not punk per se, but a great band nonetheless.


Hope this helps, and welcome aboard!


Now back to practicing, yo.



Tim from Jersey :thu:

Play. Just play.
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I've gotta mention my favorite primus cd. Anitpop, the music has the progressive dge that is constant throughout their work, but on this disc they also really let out that raw, old school vibe that seemed to emanate when brain joined. Ten by Pearl Jam is a also such a great crock record its hard for me not to mention it. Jar of flies is an acoustic record by alice in chains has a lot of energy for an acoustic format, as does some of bryan beller and Mike keneally's stuff(just in a different way though).

I'm always partial to cream too, lots of energy coming from a blues format(der---crossroads live-hello). So ya

Hiram Bullock thinks I like the band volume too soft (but he plays guitar). Joe Sample thinks I like it way too loud (but he plays piano). -Marcus Miller
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Not punk, but if you haven't listened to King's X yet, go out right now and get "Out of a Silent Planet","Gretchen Goes to Nebraska" and "Dogman". You can thank me later, now go!



Oh by the way, Welcome to the Lowdown! :D:wave:

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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One song by The Walkmen called 'The Rat' I am not keen on most of the album though (Bows and Arrows)


Franz Ferdinand


Joy Division


Nada Surf


Electric Soft Parade


The Music


Rival Schools


Mars Volta


The Coral


Modest Mouse


The Smiths


My Bloody Valentine (opposite of what your asking for but meh..)


Mahavishnu Orchestra


Weather Report


Chick Corea


Miles Davis


Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa!!!


BBC Radio 6 always has some good music on it as well http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/

Derek Smalls: It's like fire and ice, basically. I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water. http://www.myspace.com/gordonbache
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Originally posted by Flemtone:


First off, welcome to the Lowdown! Hope you enjoy your stay here in our little home away from home.

... Hey, try The Tubes! One of my favorite bands, though not punk per se, but a great band nonetheless.

Whoa! I've never heard The Tubes mentioned outside of the context of Xanadu, where they performed a song called something like "Back Seat Tonight." Laugh all you want at me, but I love that song and I love that movie and all the music in it. Go ELO!


I'll have to dig a little deeper to find some actual Tubes music, I guess. :0

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IMHO, EVERYONE should own a copy of Television's classic album "Marquee Moon."


They were the first 'punk' band to play CBGB's and are generally regarded as some of the founding fathers of that style, but they sound almost nothing like other bands in that genre.


Guitarist Richard Lloyd tells a famous story:


"When we were trying to get a record deal nobody would sign us. We were clearly outside the usual labels. (Atlantic Records founder) Ahmet Ertegun listened to us and turned to (producer) Jerry Wexler and said, 'Jerry, I can't sign this band. This is not Earth music.' And I thought, 'Well there you go'."

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First time writer long time reader, Just thought I'd be funny sorry, Here are a few of the non- stop plays in my house. Peter Gabriel, Steve Kimock, Trey Gunn band, Soul coughing, Matt Garrison, Cala, sigur ros, weather report, Richard Bona, Portis head, Pat Methany "Bright sized life",MM&W and Niacin

just a few all are good players.

Happy trails

Steve Rosati
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