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First International Gig!!!


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I'm off to Japan. :thu:


Thats right. April this year I'm heading off to Japan and China for 2 weeks to play in the Wollongong Conserv. of Music Jazz Big Band. It's going to be awesome. We're taking a well known (Australian) jazz trumpeter with us. James Morrison.


Anywho. I'm just weighing up my options for transporting my bass on the plane. I've thought about taking it on as "carry on" luggage but there is about 25 of us and I don't think we're all going to get away with that idea. So, I've been looking at getting a flight case. On a very low budget. I am just barely scraping through on the airfare. I've got a credit card and my piggy bank is looking half full (its a big one :) ) but I'm trying not to spend too much before I go.


Now. Does anybody have any reccomendations on a flight case or does anyone have a secondhand flight case they'd be willing to ship to Australia.


I found this one but I'm a little dubious as to its quality.

Flight case on Ebay Also for insurance pruposes is there anything I have to check to make sure if something does go wrong I'm not going to get messed up on a technicality?

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personally, I'd look for a flight case that has the ability to put your bass (already in its own custom hard case) in it. Add lots of foam or bubble wrap, and your set. Or you could get a keyboard flight case. Its about the same size.
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When I was a bellman, people were so concerned with the way I handled their luggage (I did handle it carefully.) I let them know that our crew handled their luggage better when they weren't around than the airlines do with you standing in front of them.


Just read somewhere (maybe in this forum) about bringing your bass down the walkway to the plane and turning it in just like a baby stroller (pram) so it gets loaded last and by hand.


Remember when packing it, it will most likely be Xray'd and with those wires and such imbedded, they may want to take a look inside, so don't get carried away with wrapping.


Congrats and good luck!



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Inertia is the bad-guy.


Making sure the bass doesn't move within the case is the most important thing.


If someone drops your case on the ground, it doesn't matter how strong the material outside the case is if the bass is not completely immobile.


Think about it: Case hits the ground. The case stops moving. What about the bass? Bass keeps moving inside the case. What stops the bass?

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When i went to France to play i just bubble wraped the hell out of my guitar and used my regular hard case, with masking tape around it and fragile stickers everywhere, the guitarist did the same with his Fender hard case. Both arrived on the other side of the channel without any damage at all.


Plunket for the love of God just remember to loosen the strings before you fly over, thin air dont do wonders to your axe's neck.


Good Luck


Much Love


"I am just an instrument cos the lord is playing this funk"-T.M Stevens
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this case looks good(link) it recieved rave reviews on musiciansfriend.com with the exception of one person of whoom was not a musician herself.


i would deffinitely look into buying a cheaper bass if your's is one that you cherish a/o is expensive.


either way, sound like you'll have a blast! :thu:


by the way- on review says that a guy was standing next to Nathan East himself at an airport. East was so impressed with the case, he exclaimed that he was going to order a few of them when he got home from their mutual gig. :eek::thu:

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