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OK, I hope I'm not being TOO new and questionful...


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"Nearly every enclosure can be placed in one of two categories: sealed or ported. A sealed (also known as "infinite baffle") cabinet is just that: there are no holes from which the air inside the enclosure can escape. The "springiness" of the trapped air provides a higher level of damping, or controlled speaker-cone movement; the downside is that a sealed enclosure isn't very efficient and therefore takes more power to drive than a ported one. Sealed cabinets also generally produce less bass response, because some of the lows stay trapped inside."


OK, so, you might wanna read the cab guru thread first, but I felt like starting a new thread for this would be good.

My amp is sealed. It pretty much (if I'm reading it right), says that's a waste. In theory, could I just cut a vent in the back horizontally and make my amp more efficient? Or is there something important that I'm missing informationwise?


Sorry for asking so many freaking questions. I feel like such a newb.


k, that's all for now.

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Your amp is ported. Those slots on the bottom are ported. Put your hand near the port and play an open E.


Sealed cabinets may not be as efficient, but they have a much different response. Take an Ampeg SVT 8x10" cabinet. Sealed. The low-end response has a much shallower slope-off than a ported cabinet. There is room in the world for both types of cabinets.


But, don't worry; your amp is ported. ;)

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It's got some pretty tight pulsing lights down there too.


Someday, when i have a massive set-up and stuff and I'm rich and famous, I'm going to put pulsing lights all over the place. Strategically of course. If possible of course. :D


Hey, this is very off topic and not even bass related, but it is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen, and I figured you guys deserved to see it as well. http://db.playego.com.br/orafiles/01122005120941567g.swf


Let me know if it doesn't work. And e-mail it to all your friends.


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