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Calling bass amp gurus


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Hows it going all?


OK I'm a virgin to the site, but I seriously need some info, if anyone has any... before I go and spend a small fortune.


I'm looking into getting a fairly serious quadbox and amp for me Warwick... I dream of an Ampeg SVT, but they're just TOO damn expensive. I notice Hartke's are going at a fraction of the price of say an Ampeg or a GK. I've had a Hartke amp before and it was damn solid, my question is about the VX series Hartke quadboxes. I'm hoping some of you will know of them. These quaddies are going for around £250 new!! whats the catch!!????


I'm a big believer in you get what you pay for... so I'm suspect on why these are so cheap.


Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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OK, beginner question right here I thought fitted in this thread. I was wondering the other day about quadboxes like he's talkin bout. I have a fender rumble 100 bass amp and wondered, what if I needed more volume sometime? could I just hook my combo up to a cab and that would work? I'm stupid and all, so i might not even have the correct terminology right here, but i don't nderstand how all this cab, pwr amp, pre amp, combo amp, speaker crap works.
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I'm a big believer in you get what you pay for... so I'm suspect on why these are so cheap.
Rightly so. This is just my opinion mind you but I have never heard a Hartke that I liked. Ever. There never seems to be enough richness - no hugeness?


Take Maurys advice and play thru one (loud) before you decide.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Okay, quickly.


For a standard signal, you need the following:


1. Source

2. Preamplification

3. Amplification

4. Speaker



1. Bass

2. Shapes the signal

3. Amplifies the shaped signal

4. Transmits the amplified signal



1. So, let's say you have a P-Bass.


2, 3, and 4. You plug your P-Bass into a Rumble 100. The Rumble 100 has a preamplifier and an amplifier and a speaker all in one box.


Done, you have all 4 necessary items for a signal.


Now, let us say you're a gear snob.


1. You have a Warwick.


2. You plug the Warwick into a Demeter VTBP-201s preamp.


3. You plug the Demeter VTBP-201s preamp into a Stewart World 2.1 poweramp.


4. You plug the Stewart World 2.1 poweramp into a pair of Acme Low B2 2x10" speaker cabinets.


You have all 4 (much more expensive) items required. Take one away, and there is no (useful) sound.


Now, you ask about plugging another speaker cabinet into a combo. Can that be done? Like grandpa; depends.


Amplifiers have things called "minimum loads." Simplified; it tells you how many speakers you can plug in without making things catch on fire.


I don't know about your amp. Check the manual. Is there a "Speaker Out" jack anywhere? Check the manual.


Check the manual.


Oh, and there's a link on the bassplayer.com site that gives a good 101-course on impedance and minimum loads and series versus parallel wiring.


Good luck. Try not to make things catch on fire.

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OK, thanks a ton, it all makes sense now. There's not a speaker out thing, but there is a "pre amp out" and "pwr amp in" sectioned off in a "Effects Loop" thing. There's also a "Line out" thing with "Ground Lift". When I look at the manual, it is explained in complete and utter gibberish to me. Then I was looking for that minimum load thing and it said input impedence: 4 ohms. If input impedence3 is the same as minimum load, that's it.


And I'll check out that 101, but everything that I find that can tell me about amps and stuff that isn't a human (talking/typing) at me I just end up confuseder than before.

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The new revamped BP website no longer has an archives section. That sucks.


I checked the specs on the Rumble 100 HERE .


Output: 100 watts into 4 ohms.

Speaker: 15" 4-ohm driver.


You're matched.


In general, adding a speaker decrease the impedance (ohms).


So, right now you have a 15", 4-ohm woofer. If you added an identical 15", 4-ohm woofer to the chain, you'd have a 2-ohm load. This is not good for your amp in particular.


Now, say if you had a 15", 8-ohm woofer, and added an identical 15", 8-ohm woofer; you'd get a 4-ohm load. This is okay.


Being above or (generally) at the minimum is okay. Being below that number is ungood.

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(Okay people, help 4string up there)

I accidentally changed the subject and stole the thread. Sorry dude. I may have just inadvertantly changed the flow of history b/c someone was turned away from this thread with the subject change that would have told you to "go get it now!", so you might have, and once you left, your house blew up, but you're alive so it's ok, except you never left your house (cus the person didn't tell you to) and you blew up in it.




Neways, just wanted to point your attention back to the origional subject. Cus he definetly needs the help more than me.

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No worries kicker boy,


and my house is still cool.


I just got up early to get some Audioslave tickets and beat the hoardes of ticket scalping pricks on ebay.


Second hand bass gear is realtively rare here in the UK, its not like the States Mr getz.

I'm tempted to try and buy some Ampeg gear in the U.S. and somehow ship it over... its so cheap over there... I'm talking half price or less!!

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