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Some critique would be nice...


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I have been auditioning my ass off and have been unable to get with a band. I must not be hearing something in my playing or maybe it's because I'm over 50?! I have auditioned for cover bands, alt.country, soft jazz, etc. etc. I have played bass for over 30 years and usually don't have a problem (at least when I was younger).

Please listen to some of these tunes and tell me what it is that sucks! I'm not trying generate traffic or anything I just want some objective criticism...

Here's some examples (gulp):




These are all originals...



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I listened to a couple of the tracks and I couldn't hear anything in your bass playing that raised a red flag. You seem to have solid time and the tone sounds good.


As you guessed, it's probably simple ageism. Many of the posts I come accross on my local musicians' forum specify "no one over 30." Apparently they figure they're going to 'make it big' and don't want a greybeard to blow their shot at MTV play. :rolleyes:


Not surprising though - now more than ever, mainstream music is all about style over substance. Keep looking and you will find a band that either doesn't care or is comprised of people in your own age group.


Why not try posting your own ad targeting musicians over 50? No doubt there are many other musicians in the same boat as yourself.

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While "agism" can be a factor, I feel like I need to point out another element of your playing.


You asked for objective criticism, so I'll just put it out there: your feel is a bit stiff.


Please don't get insulted. You obviously know the fingerboard, know your triads, have your technique together, etc. You've got your sound together and know how to play.


However, playing a strong bassline is more than just playing the right notes. There's an entire universe of different rhythmic feels that are impossible to notate.


Nobody can write down on paper why the bassline to Richie Valens' "La Bamba" feels completely different from "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," even though they contain very similar note choices and rhythms.


Reggae basslines are extremely simple from a technique standpoint, yet I've heard bassists (good ones) absolutely trash a reggae bassline, even though they're playing the right notes.


It's hard to put into words, but I guess what I'm getting at is that your playing needs a stronger, more authorative feel.

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I thought you played well, but a little too on top of the beat.

Maybe you should try and start your own band, with people of similar backgrounds as yourself, not necessarily same age, but same personal commitments.

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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i agree with 73p. you should start your own band. The last thing that you should be is discouraged. from what i've heard you obviously have talent and are proficient with the bass.


age could be a big issue...do you know any people in your social circles who are (good) musicians?




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Hey thanks for the great responses!

I have thought about starting my own group and told myself that was too "self serving". Maybe I should rethink that. I haven't found anyone in my age group that takes music as seriously as I do. The one's that do seem to be in big bands or jazz groups that read well. I read very slowly (and painfully). Blues bands seem to be the right platform but there is a serious "good old boy" network around here in the blues circles and the competition is fierce. Seattle is also flush with great bass players right now, at least in my opinion.


I will definitely work on loosening up at not playing right on the beat. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do that? Online lessons?



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Originally posted by jssi.net:

I haven't found anyone in my age group that takes music as seriously as I do.

From one Eddie to another :D Why look for people your AGE when you should be looking for people who share your TASTE ?


I went to an audition yesterday (well, sort of) where the age difference between me and the oldest guy is about 20 years. I'm 24. And no, the other guy isn't 4 :D


But we all like the same music, they need a bass player and I need a band. So put up an add saying something like


" [your age] old bass player (=you) is looking for musicians to play [insert preferred style here]. Age is of no importance, enthusiasm is."


It might just work! I mean, I've ALWAYS played with people who are older than me, and I really don't think that I am the exception to the rule.

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