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Which oil and/or cleaning products do you use?


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I've tried lots of stuff and came to the conclusion that less is more. Martin guitar polish used to be my favorte.


I now use very sparing amounts of Lemon-oil or Olde English (go light with this stuff!).


On my frets and the machines and saddle parts, I use a tiny bit of gun-oil. TINY!


Is there anything out there the LD's reccomend?

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i use something called fretboard honey. it's a proprietary blend of oils. i like the results quite a bit. i probably change strings once every few months, and since i'm not gigging right now, the fretboard needs no attention. i typically prefer an old cotton t-shirt, some breath condensation, and elbow grease to shine up the body.



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I went all-out and got the Dunlop system 65 kit. It's worked well on my guitars but I haven't subjected my bass to it yet. Especially worried about tearing up the "dabber" on the string-cleaner bottle on my round-wounds.


The fretboard cleaner is pretty impressive, even on a guitar I inherited that hasn't been cleaned in probably over 50 years. The fret cleaning cloth is basically a really really really fine grade sandpaper, but puts the shine back on well enough. After cleaning, the fretboard gets a light oiling. The body cleaner is supposed to remove oils from your hands; seems to work gently enough. The carnuba wax puts a nice shine back on the body after cleaning. Includes two soft yellow cloths (those yellow ones).


All in all, I've been happy with this (more expensive) solution so far.

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Reason for the gun-oil:


I play many outdoor gigs and I live near the Ocean. A few instruments I had developed bad corrosion on those tiny saddle screws. An old P-bass I had became very rusty at the saddle and the brass nut turned green.


After trying guitar oils with mixed results, I used gun oil, a toothpick as an applicator to lube the saddle screws. It works well but it may discolor or smudge the finish on the the bass. Also - the tiny bit of gun oil cleared the grunge on my frets. It leaves a protective coat as well as a nice shine.


I like the carnuba Idea for my Fender.


The fender guitar cloth is ok. An old T-shirt is usually the best thing for me. Anything lint or pull free. I don't use the wood oil cloth for the metal stuff, and visa versa.

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