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Question--how to not annoy the neighbors


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Also elevate your amp a few feet off the floor. You get a theoretical 3dB bump on lower frequencies with the floor couple.

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Originally posted by NUTT:

The upstairs guys are A**HOLES though! I'm ready to fire up the 410 and crank my head to about 7 or 8 and shake the pictures off of their walls. 2 o'clock in the friggin' morning and they are playing Dave Matthews Band loud enough that it wakes my girlfriend up.

Hook up a CD player to your 4x10 and wait until 3am when they're asleep. Play "Vasoline" (STP) or "Suck My Kiss" (RHCP). That may not solve the problem but it might make you feel better.

:D My personal choice was the first movement of "The Firebird Suite" by Igor Stravinsky, played at midnight on a 300-watt stereo system with Cerwin-Vega floor speakers. But your 4x10 will do the opening bass section justice.

(for details about the suite, click here )

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I have a similar stereo system with a bit more power and Sony floor speakers instead of the C-Vs. If it weren't for my other neighbors I'd just crank some vicious death metal and leave the apartment for a few hours.


Alas, I have to be a grown-up.

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Originally posted by SteveC:

I keep it down, and try to be respectful. I can only assume that since there have been no nasty notes or calls, I must be doing OK.

but how do you practice?? ;)
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