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F bass


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that first one will set you back that much, almost- the fretted will be much less -

you cannot do better than an F bass, in my opinion

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Disclaimer #1: I'm not a "bassist". At my music school, I've taught bass lessons to others (Hal Leonard series), I can read bass fluently and I have better technique than the average "guitarist who plays bass", but I wouldn't call myself a "bass player" by any means.


Disclaimer #2: F-basses are designed and built in my hometown by a very nice, modest, and humble local guy (George Furlanetto). My opinions on them may be biased for this reason.


The bass player in my band owns one (a standard fretted 5), and I've played it extensively. It feels great to play, and it sounds great.. a very wide variety of tones are possible out of this thing. The neck's a little wide for my liking and it took some getting used to, but that's likely because 90% of my bass playing has been on a Fender Jazz.


All in all, a great bass. Luckily for us they're cheaper here. ;)

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hey jeebus, maybe you can score all of us a great deal on an F-Bass, since you know the guy and all. :D
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Originally posted by The bass playing bass:

But not like the fish o' love, right? :cool:



No, not quite like the FoL. :D


That Carey Nordstrand is doing great things in California.


But I still like them F Basses.






Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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