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Easy songs to sing and play bass that people actually like to hear


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Hi Group,


I have been away from the forum for awhile, been really busy at work and my new band broke up (acually I refused to play with a drunk for a guitarist and a singer who was angry all the time).


So now I am trying to put something new together. As I've seen it so far (and I'm pretty new to the bass) it seems to go like this, "He or she who sings gets to pretty much decide what songs will be played." And I have to admit that this makes sense since if the singer can't sing the song then there ain't much sense in doing the song.


So, I've decided to take more responsibility for singing, and I have never done this before (except for some very small parts in the background). So my question is, I need some advice, and I would like to hear about songs that are:


1. Rather easy to play and sing at the same time.


2. Rather easy to sing, and doesn't require a great voice (i.e., not much of a range).


3. And, finally that people would actually like to hear it performed (i.e., even want to dance to it).


I am mostly interested in pop/rock songs from the 60's, 70's or 80's.



The deeper you go the better you feel! (True for bass and hypnosis.)

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There are lots of pop/rock songs where the bass is playing 8ths on the root of each chord. Even I manage to play and sing those tunes, although you wouldn't want to hear me sing :)


For more complex grooves it's vital to practice ultra-slowly, until you've learned the rhythm that's going on "between" bass and vocals.


The easiest song that comes to my mind would be With Or Without You (U2). Sting's Every Breath You Take is also manageable, although it's freaking high (especially the bridge section).

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

-- Leonardo da Vinci

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Its hard to say normally if you love a thing its easier to do because you A, Know it better. B, You are inclined to try harder.


The good thing about playing bass is it is easier to transpose stuff to the key you can sing in. Country root five stuff & Rock n roll can be good to get the co ordination. ACDC can be very difficult to sing and although it is not very demanding to play it does require a certain groove.


Some tunes I would try to start would be:


Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

Sweet Home - Skynyrd

Bad Moon - CCR

Breakin the Law - Judas Priest For the craic!


Good Luck.

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So Lonely/The Police

Driven to Tears/The Police



Fire/ Hendrix


Change It/SRV

Somebody to Shove/ Soul Asylum

Cold Hard Bitch/Jet


Fire is probably the only over played one, but any of the others have gone over well when I've done them.

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Thanks goes out to everyone for their suggestions. And, a special thanks goes out to titrek for pointing out that it was only 6 months ago that I asked just about the same questions :confused: Sometimes I just get so confused! Sorry gang (but heck it IS a good question).


Any more suggestions are aways welcome!


Over and out,




The deeper you go the better you feel! (True for bass and hypnosis.)

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Originally posted by Herrrrrrre's Johnny:

May I suggest a few songs?


Sunshine of Your Love

Living After Midnight

Cat Scratch Fever


I Wanna Be Sedated


I think those songs might be a good place to start!

Good luck!

Great call... I wanna be sedated. How many bands can get away with song titles starting "i Don't Wanna" or "I Wanna"?


Only the Ramones!

Grizzly Bears Don't Fear Anyone.


Angry Cheetahs Emerge Growling.


I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time!

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