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bass instructor in New York ??


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hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone could lead me towards a good bass instructor in New York City ?


I'd appreciate any info on teaching style and philosophy, or just reccomendations so I can start looking around to find a good match.


I've been reading the forum for a long time and it's always my first stop in any bass related questions. I'd like to thank you all for going to the trouble of sharing information and experience.

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I took a lesson from Hilliard Green at the Bass Collective and was really pleased. I intend to go back for another, and my sister graciously gifted me one which I need to schedule.


All lessons are 55 minutes (maybe 50), which I found much more useful than a 30-minute session. Also, you can schedule them regularly (e.g., weekly) or as you need them. I think one lesson is something like $60 -- not cheap.


The website outlines the strengths of the instructors, but you can get more precise information by calling the school itself.


This may be a good starting place.


Fellow forumite BenLoy may have some good suggestions as well.






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