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question for bassists who use live loops or...


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a Boss Loop Station.

I have been thinking a lot about working up a way to use live loops and the V bass to create "performances"- but one thing that is crucial is that i have the ability to sync to a drum machine. Set up drum grooves and sync to them with a Loop Station, for instance. How feasible is it that I can trigger the start and end points of a lopp if i am playing live to a drum machine? mainly what i'd like to do is play a bass part to a drum groove, loop it, add other parts and keep them synced to the drum groove ( yes, i realize I have to play in time! :freak: ) but provided I get lucky, is this doable?

maybe Steve Lawson or Ed Friedland can chime in and help a brother out..

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Sounds like an answer for either Lawson of Friendland. I have the Boss loop station. Bastards added a few new fuctions right after I bought mine. I know Ed Friendland uses the Bass. Steve Lawson uses a few different things. I've also had some interest with looping with a drum machine. I think a mixer is involved. I'm sure we'll hear from one of them sooner or later.

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This sounds awefully difficult, and here's why. The drum machine uses a midi clock, and the looper pedal has some sort of built in clock as well. So, I believe that eventually, the looped riff and the drum machine are going to get out of sync. They will definitely drift apart because of tiny clock differences, but it's hard to say how quickly that would actually happen....10 seconds or 10 minutes? There's no reliable and inexpensive way to convert the looped riff to midi (something that the drum machine could sync to) that I know of.


A few thoughts come to mind, though. First, could you record the drum rhythm from the drum machine and the bass riff both onto the looper? Then, there's no sync problems because they're using the same clock.


Another thought: you could use one of the multiFX pedals (Digitech? Zoom? Hopefully someone who has one will chime in...) that has a drum machine AND phrase sampler built-in. This would be another case where both parts are working off the same clock, and this should work fine. In fact, I'd say this is likely to be your best bet...


One other thought: with the right gear, you could create a midi part rather than looping. Don't know if you want to get into all that complicated mess though. One last resort would be to record the drum machine and riff onto a CD and just play along with it at the gig!




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