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Parts for a self-assembled headless 5-string bass?


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Hey folks:


This is just a musing...I doubt I'll ever attempt this, but who knows. If all the pieces fall in place (and it's do-able for under $1K), it's within the realm of possibility. I'm shooting for something similar to the Status Graphite headless basses, headless with a graphite neck.


1) Neck: Replacement Steinberger 5-string graphite neck from Moses Graphite. I don't know of another headless graphite replacement neck that's readily available...if you do, please post a link.


2) Body: Gecko body from Warmoth.com. I like it's small size and curviness.


3) Pickups: Two soapbar-type humbucking pickups. Possibly EMG-HZ's, although I did like the Bartolini's that were on a Moses Graphite Key Bass that I played recently.


4) Bridge: The only one that I know of here would be a Steinberger replacement 5-string bridge. If there are any others that you know of, please post some links!


5) Electronics: Active EQ/preamp, preferably one EQ per pickup. Haven't thought of a particular brand. Any suggestions?


If I actually decided to attempt this, it might be a VERY fun project :D ...not sure how good the finished bass would actually sound though... :eek:



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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ABM makes a headless bridge and headpiece - I think Moses Graphite sells those. I've also seen the information on them at Allparts. It's a 2-piece bridge.


Status graphite sells their individual headless string bridges on their parts page.


I've thought of doing something similar (4-string for me) but will probably never get to the point of doing it.

craigb @ TB, G&LDP, the Dudepit (boek @ Dudepit 1)
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